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Brand Favourites - Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown is 100% one of my all time favourite brands. The makeup is timeless and there is something for everyone; unfortunately there is way too much for me and I can’t stop buying more! These are some of my favourite picks that I definitely recommend you try.

Vitamin Enriched Face Base £44

If you want – A hydrating oil controlling moisturiser/primer

This moisturiser gives a beautiful base for makeup and has such a fresh smell. It’s perfect if you want a silky smooth base without making you shiny. Definitely my favourite day cream.

Extra Eye Repair Cream £48

If you want – Plump and hydrated under eyes 

This eye cream is amazing for my dry under eyes, without it I have so many fine lines and texture. I love to use it before I apply my corrector and concealer to give a smooth plump base. It is also anti aging and collagen boosting so perfect if these are concerns of yours.

Buffing Grains £33

If you want – Personalised exfoliation

These are amazing to mix in to your cleanser for a customised exfoliator. I can never find an exfoliator that buffs my skin enough, so I like to use a lot of these to give me a really smooth finish. They leave you with skin like a baby!

Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm £45

If you want – A radiant glow on the skin

This moisture balm is great if you want luminous glowing skin that is plump and moisturised. I love to use this underneath a foundation for a real glowy finish.

Extra Lip Tint £25.50

If you want – A hydrating tint of colour on the lips

I love this lip balm. It is so nourishing and brings out the natural pink in your lips. I love it for days when I don’t feel like wearing a lipstick (but still want a nice colour to them) and to really give my lips some nourishment.

Corrector £19.50

If you want – Even and bright under eyes 

If you don’t use a corrector, you need to go and get one ASAP. This is one makeup product I couldn’t live without! Concealer is never bright and flawless without eradicating the colour from your under eyes first, which eliminates the shadows you may find still show through your concealer.

Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser £32

If you want – A fresh and natural base

If you don’t want a full face of foundation everyday, this tinted moisturiser is the trick to perfect skin. It’s lightweight and glowy and makes your skin look fresh and hydrated.

Skin Weightless Powder Foundation £36.50

If you want – A buildable foundation powder

This is one of my favourite foundation powders as it’s so versatile. I like to use it to set my foundation to give flawless coverage, but also to use on its own on a day where I want a break from foundation.

Highlighting Powder – Pink Glow £36

If you want – a radiant blush tone glow

I love wearing this highlight on top of my blush to give a gorgeous glow to my cheeks. This colour suits my fair skin tone, yet whenever I fake tan I switch to the Bronze Glow highlighter!

Perfectly Defined Longwear Brow Pencil £30

If you want – Effortless brow definition

With this brow pencil, there are no accidental harsh lines or caterpillar brows – you can start soft and build your way up. I also love the spoolie, it’s soft and makes it easy to create blended brows.

Longwear Cream Shadow Stick ‘Golden Bronze’ £23.50

If you want – The easiest smokey eye with maximum effect

These cream shadow sticks are a staple product in my makeup kit – they have a built in primer so all you need is this one product to create a five minute smokey eye. My favourite colour is ‘Golden Bronze’ as it’s perfect for a night out and looks stunning with one of the sparkle shadows on top. Click HERE to watch my YouTube tutorial using this cream shadow.

Sparkle Eyeshadow ‘Sunlight’ £25

If you want – Fallout free sparkle

If you want glitter without the mess, these are for you. These are best used when applying with your finger – just pop it on top of your eye makeup look to finish it off with some sparkle! There are a great variety of colours too.

Longwear Gel Eyeliner ‘Black Ink’ £19.50

If you want – Long lasting pigmentation

This is the ultimate waterline liner! You have to use an eyeliner brush with this, but it is the only eyeliner I’ve used that stays perfect in my waterline all day. I also use it to do winged liner as it has such good pigment to it.

Longwear Liquid Liner ‘Baltic Blue Sparkle’ £24.50

If you want – A hint of glam to your liner

These sparkle eyeliners are almost like when you add that final bit of jewellery to complete your outfit. Without being too over the top, the sparkle eyeliner adds that perfect glam finish.

Smokey Eye Mascara £25

If you want – A mascara that does it all

One of my all time favourite mascaras – it does everything… curls, lengthens, defines, doesn’t print onto your skin etc. Definitely worth a try!

Lip Color ‘Sandwash Pink’ £24.50

If you want – A perfect pink nude

If you’re planning on doing your own wedding makeup, this is definitely a colour to try out. I love this nude for everyday but it looks stunning on a bride!

Art Stick ‘Bare’ £22.50

If you want – The perfect handbag lipstick

What I like about this lipstick (other than the perfect nude shade) is that you don’t need a lip liner. It’s a lipstick and lip liner in one, so it’s perfect to keep in your handbag for when you’re out and about. It also comes with the big sharpener so you don’t have to worry about hunting one down! If you have more of a tanned skin tone, Rose Brown is a stunning nude tone too.

Full Coverage Touch Up Brush £26.50

If you want – Easy concealer application

If you like using a brush for your concealer, this one is great to blend it out quickly and avoid creasing. Using this alongside the Full Coverage Foundation Brush creates such a flawless base!

Let me know what you think of these products, or any others you’d recommend!